Renewable Energy

Empowering Community Future Living Sustainable Energy

In response to the urgent call for greater adoption of renewable energy solutions across Malaysia, Apex Communications Sdn Bhd is proactively addressing this imperative for change. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, we have embarked on a transformative mission to introduce sustainable Solar Hybrid Systems to remote rural areas in Sabah. These areas, previously reliant on diesel generators for electricity, are now poised to benefit from reliable and eco-friendly energy sourced from solar power.


Sabah Remote Rural School Solar Hybrid Project

Our initiative aims to provide off-grid schools in these remote regions with uninterrupted access to electricity, thereby significantly enhancing educational opportunities for local communities. Drawing from our successful track record of implementing similar projects in the past, Apex remains steadfast in its commitment to leveraging green technology in all our future endeavours.

Key Achievements:

Our Commitment to Renewable Energy

  • Innovative Solutions: Pioneering solar hybrid technology for remote areas.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Promoting a greener and cleaner future for generations to come.

Driving Sustainable Development

  • Off-Grid Solutions: Bringing electricity to remote and off-grid communities.
  • Clean Energy Access: Ensuring reliable and sustainable energy access for all.

Today, we are actively engaged in the development of large-scale solar farm projects, further contributing to environmental sustainability while simultaneously fostering socio-economic development within the communities we serve. Through these initiatives, Apex is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in the advancement of renewable energy adoption and the betterment of so     ciety as a whole.ex Communications Sdn Bhd has played a pivotal role in advancing Malaysia’s telecommunications landscape, transitioning from analog transmission systems to high-end managed digital networks.