Broadcasting and & Wireless Technology

Elevating Communication Empowering Connectivity Strengthen Community

Apex Communications Sdn Bhd envisions a future where enhanced transmission capabilities benefit every home and organization in the country. Through various projects, we upgrade local television and radio capabilities for the Government of Malaysia and semi-government organizations. Our involvement includes designing, manufacturing, and installing systems across multiple locations nationwide. Notable achievements include enhancing signal quality for major events like the 1998 Commonwealth Games and conducting the first trial of Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB-T) in the Klang Valley in 2002.

Cutting-Edge Broadcasting Solutionsion

We specialize in delivering advanced broadcasting solutions that redefine quality and reliability. From upgrading systems for major events like the 1998 Commonwealth Games to pioneering the trial for Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB-T), we are at the forefront of technological evolution.

Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB-T) Implementation

DVB-T represents the future of television broadcasting, transitioning from analog to advanced aerial broadcasts. As countries worldwide shift towards DVB-T, we are actively driving Malaysia's digitalization drive. Our successful implementations and national projects position us as leaders in this transformative journey.

Enhanced Signal Quality

We are proud of our collaboration with RTM in upgrading systems for enhanced signal quality. Our network of 23 Television Transmission Stations and FM/Television Transposers/Transmitters across Malaysia ensures seamless coverage and crystal-clear broadcasts.

Our Commitment to Innovation:

  • Advancing Broadcast Technology: Implementing state-of-the-art solutions for optimal signal quality.
  • Wireless Connectivity Solutions: Designing and deploying wireless networks for seamless communication.
  • Digitalization Initiatives: Leading the charge in Malaysia’s transition to DVB-T and digital broadcasting.
  • Infrastructure Development: Building robust transmission stations and transmitters for reliable coverage.

Our past projects:

As an active participant in the national digitalization drive, we leverage our extensive experience and successful project implementations to continually enhance the country’s broadcasting and wireless systems, ensuring we remain on par with global standards.